Whether we realize it or not, a place always holds special meaning: A first apartment, a skyline of a beloved city, or a favorite restaurant where they always know what you'll order.

Made with archival, high quality materials, these 5 x 7 ink and watercolor sketches are the perfect way to immortalize that special place in your life.


Onsite sketch, full-color
(Limited to Indianapolis, within the I-465 loop.

Travel fees apply outside of this boundary)


5 x 7 - $250

8 x 10 - $400

9 x 12 - $500


Do you sketch pet portraits?

Unfortunately, I do not.

How long does it take to sketch an

onsite commission?

Between 2 - 3 hours, depending on

size and intricacy.

Do I have to be home during an

onsite commission?

No, as long as I can leave the finished

piece in a safe place (mailbox, front porch, etc).

Do you sketch using photo reference?

Yes, but I prefer sketching onsite because

it helps me get to know the feel of the place better. For a photo reference, I charge $50 less the onsite price.

I live outside of the I-465 loop. Will you travel outside of that boundary?

Yes, for an additional fee. Fees vary

depending on location.


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